Photographer in Crans-prè-Céligny, Switzerland

Michael is an international award-winning photographer with 25 years of experience.

Michael grew up in an eccentric family of artists and designers and began taking black and white photographs as a young teen. She learned to process film and develop her own prints and spent hours in the studio and outdoors photographing her sister and classmates.  She experimented with light and poses to create beautiful portraits and would spend long afternoons in her school’s darkroom watching her creations come to life. Her passion and strong talent earned her state and national photography awards and she graduated in the top 20 of her class in 1998. She turned down admission to Harvard after receiving a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Boston. In 2000, an opportunity to pursue a promising modeling career drew her away from her studies and across the country to Hollywood. After a few years of navigating her way around “The Business” and struggling to find happiness in it, Michael decided to pick up her beloved camera again –  this time focusing on her fellow models, actors and musicians as subjects. Deciding to stay behind the lens for good, she began working for many of the world’s top photographers as a camera and lighting assistant. On set with photographers like Michael Thompson, Carter Smith, Art Streiber and Norman Jean Roy, she gained priceless knowledge about the professional side of the photography industry and the value of hard work. Relocating to New York City in 2011, she brought her unique skills and rich experience to build a career as a documentary, lifestyle and sports photographer. Since then, Michael has traveled the far and wide for brands like Sony Music, Trek Bicycles, Giro Cycling and Clif Bar as well as global organizations such as UNICEF, The Girl Effect and The World of Children Award. Her unique and highly artistic perspective won her First Place in the International Photography Awards in 2013 and the prestigious Communication Arts Magazine Award in 2014. Now living in Switzerland with her husband and two young boys, Michael has found the blissful balance of work and family and has fallen in love with the natural beauty of the Alpine country. With her unique eye and vast experience, Michael confidently delivers energetic and memorable images to her global clients.




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